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Pemberton Pet Supplies

Animal Barn is Pemberton’s source for pet food and animal supplies. Our wide selection fits the needs of pet owners, farmers and chicken coop hobbyists. Come to our store to find:

  • Canned cat food
  • Cat food
  • Cat kibble
  • Canned dog food
  • Dog food
  • Dog kibble
  • Dog treats
  • Raw/frozen/dehydrated dog and cat food and bones
  • Dog and cat accessories, including leashes and toys
  • Animal fencing
  • Baler twine
  • Chicken feed
  • Chicken feeders and water dispensers
  • Live traps for pests
  • Other farm supplies
  • Bird seed
  • Small Animals & Supplies
  • Supplements for horses and dogs
  • Horse feed
  • Horse tack
  • Bridles
  • Horse brushes
  • Horse shampoos
  • Fly masks
  • Rain sheets
  • Fly sheets
  • Horse blankets
  • Riding helmets
  • Safety vests (padded and florescent)
  • First aid kits


To best serve our customers, Pet Barn is proud to have high quality, top of the line pet brands in stock at our Pemberton location. Our brands include but are not limited to: 

Our Location - call us or get directions today
Group of dogs
Otter co-op
Horizon pet food
Royal canin
Canadian naturals
Bramble hills
Primal pet foods
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